4* spa hotel at Oberlech

4* spa hotel at Oberlech

The fragrance of well-being

Fir trees, crisp mountain air and aromatic massage oils. Whether you opt for a relaxing salt steam bath, a Finnish sauna or a workout in the fitness room – your preferred mode of relaxation is within easy reach at the Hotel Salome Oberlech. Spa breaks in Lech am Arlberg.

Pictures of our wellness area - here you can relax!

Finnish sauna Stub'n

In 500 BC, Hippocrates already knew of the connections between warmth, sweating, and health. The sauna concept therefore is an ages-old version of a contrast bath.

Temperature: 90°C (194°F)
Room climate dry
Recommended duration of stay 10-15 minutes

Positive results:

  • Strengthens heart function and circulation
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Improved perfusion
  • Loosens muscular hardenings
  • Cleans and purifies skin
  • Improves bio-defense
  • Relaxation for body and soul

Infrared cabin

Light, the source of life, has a healing effect on our body. In contrast to the warmth of a sauna (convection), here it is warmth (IR) through radiation, which can directly impact on
the body.

Temperature 40-60 °C(100-140°F)
Room climate dry
Recommended duration of stay 20-30 minutes

Positive results:

  • Relaxing
  • Rheumatism prophylaxis
  • Good for your skin and respiratory tracts
  • Usable by heat-sensitive persons
  • Improves well-being of body and soul

Steam bath

A star-lit sky and soothing scents provide a relaxing ambience.

Temperature 42-45°C (108-113°F)
Room climate 100% humidity
Recommended duration of stay: 10-20 minutes

In a steam bath, you will be able to experience the water element in a very special way. This is an alternating bath with a long tradition possibly originating from Northern Europe.

Positive results:

  • Relaxing
  • Improves perfusion
  • Enhancement of primary metabolism
  • Relaxation of muscles and joints
  • Vitalizes and purifies your skin, making it soft and silky-smooth.
  • Inhalation of hot and steamy air
  • Relaxation for body and soul


Pure relaxation. Simply enjoy and forget your day-to-day chores.

Temperature 38-40°C (100-104°F)
Room climate dry
Recommended duration of stay 20-60 minutes

Positive results:

  • Stimulates your autonomic nervous system
  • Relaxing
  • Preparation for other bathing sessions


A more gentle form of sauna - relatively low temperature and humidity turn this sauna into an enjoyable spa experience. Experience a variety of scents.

Temperature approximately 60°C (140°F)
Room climate: approximately 40% humidity
Recommended duration of stay: 10-18 minutes

Positive results:

  • Strengthens heart function and circulation
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Improved perfusion
  • Pure relaxation

Hot Brine steam bath

Temperature approximately 42-45°C (108-113°F)
Room climate: approximately 100% humidity
Recommended duration of stay: 10-20 minutes

Positive results:

  • Cleans your skin
  • Smoothens your skin
  • Freeing of respiratory tracts
  • By an addition of salt, a sea climate is created

Latin Thermo-loungers

Rest for a short while, enjoy the warmth flooding your body and relax in a soothing ambience with pleasant music.

Water post

Our refreshing and very healthy mineral-rich mountain water from the Lech region can also be enjoyed in our spa area.

Atrium with warm benches

Stay and rest for a while, relax and think about which bathing session you're going to take next.

Fitness room

Large, very bright fitness room with approximately 60 m2, panoramic views and the latest Life Fitness equipment available.

  • 2 recumbent ergometers
  • 1 bicycle ergometer (= exercise bike)
  • 2 cross-trainers
  • 1 stepper
  • 1 treadmill
  • 1 Fit-Series/Strength


10-20 minutes - with eye protection
Works without coins or tokens. Experience a smooth tan in case it's one of those very rare days when the sun does not shine in Oberlech.

Hot whirlpool

Relaxation and soothing, pure indulgence at 38 °C (100°F) with a cool-down-session in a recreation area that will have you realize that you are staying in the oldest part of our Hotel Salome.

Those rustic timber floor boards make for a true original!

Adenture-Shower and 360-degree showers

Water in its most beautiful form - an amazing shower experience. Choose between Tropical Rain and Freezing Rain, and combine those with a variety of scents and lighting. Enjoy a Kneipp therapy bath with a special hose provided in our 360-degree showers or use our flood shower.

Recreation area

Rest, relax, enjoy and recreate - leave your day-to-day chores behind or delve into the memories of the wonderful skiing experience of your past ski day. Facilitated with soothing music, glide into the most beautiful form of relaxation!

Hydrojet floating water bed massage

With Jetons/tokens, which are available at the reception and from your masseuse. On a daily basis, we are challenged by our work and personal life, usually with very few counter-balances. At the office, we are sitting too long, and don't do enough sports. The usual result is
muscular tensions and hardenings, a lack of awareness of our physiognomy and, last but not least, the accumulating feeling of stress.

As a counter-measure, why don't you treat yourself and your loved ones with a special form of relaxation? Here, at Hotel Salome, your well-being and health will be taken care of.

Fit in 15 minutes, massages without preparatory steps in light clothing. Directly after your first session, you will feel your muscles relax, and your metabolism will be


Our masseuse will be at your service daily between 03.00 pm and 07.00 pm, except Saturday. Please make sure to book a session at the reception.

  • Full-body massage with cream (30 mins Euro 41,-)
  • Aroma-therapy-oil massage (30 mins Euro 41,-)
  • Classic-back or foot massage (15 mins Euro 24,-)
  • Head and neck-massage (15 mins Euro 24,-)
  • Facial-massage (15 mins Euro 24,-)
  • Foot-reflexology massage (30 mins Euro 41,-)
  • Manual-lymphatic-drainage (55-60 mins Euro 72,-)
  • Massage-anti-cellulite massage (30 mins Euro 41,-)
  • Massage-connective-tissue massage (30 mins Euro 41,-)
  • Hot-stone-massage (45 mins Euro 60,-)

Last but not least

A true highlight

A subterranean tunnel - our cold, cool-down area. After a hot sauna, make sure to dive into the snow - at Hotel Salome, you can do so with a breathtakingly amazing panoramic view over Lech and its impressive mountanin scenery. Take a short rest at our small terrace - an amazing experience!

Get to know the 4* Hotel Salome in Oberlech

Hotel Salome in Oberlech, located directly at the ski slope

  • Located directly at the ski slope after Lech: Ski-In & Ski-Out
  • In Austria’s largest ski area – Ski Arlberg
  • Huge spa-area to relax
  • Incl. half board with Emperors breakfast and a 6 course dinner meal
  • Accessible by car, free parking
  • Pets allowed upon request
  • Free WLAN Internet
  • Rooms from € 163,00 per person

Non-binding enquiries Tel. +43 5583 230 60